Advanced English Vocabulary

This is the first part of the deck, that contains words, phrasal verbs, idioms, et cetera, aimed at advanced or, maybe, upper-intermediate learners, I aggregated its content from variety of places: shared decks, internet resources and apps, movies, books, daily life etc. But, despite the fact that I borrowed from other decks, you won’t find borrowed content here, I changed it to an unrecognizable state, I made it better and stronger. All the cards come with a term and a definition, context (sometimes can be absent), hand-picked and high-quality images, and robotic pronunciation. I suggest trying it at first instead of disliking, because I was amazed at how natural the pronunciation is. For everyone who’s interested: her name is Julia and she works at Neospeech. I added another pronunciation when neospeech became unreachable.

And I feel like I need to mention that this deck is NSFW, so, forewarned is forearmed. Anyway, it took me more that a year to collect all the words, and stuff the deck with interesting pictures. As I know, cards with pictures can help you to remember your stuff 1000 times more efficiently than boring pictureless cards. I suppose cards with interesting pictures can do an unbearable damage to your memory.

The deck comes with two card types, which you can edit in Anki menu. The first one, Forward, contains an image and a word, and asks you for a definition. The second one, Backward, contains the same image used in forward and the definition, and asks you to type the word. By default, it shows you the first and the last letters and the number of letters between them, if you find it difficult you can separate forward and backward types and learn only all the forward cards and then all the backward ones.

Sometimes the internet can resemble a giant butt with a big donate button inside, but It’s an open way to benefit all parties. So, if you feel so blessed using this deck or at least it helped you as at least that much as it helped me, you can show some support to the developer and buy Anki app from Apple store. I didn’t make the deck to receive money for it, I did it to improve my vocabulary. But, I think it’s insensible to let the deck be laid to waste, so, feel free to use the deck for free as a part of my contribution to the upcoming Babylonian world.

How to install the deck:

1. Click the “Download” button to download the deck.

2. Double-click to load it into Anki, or File → Import it

3. …


If you have any questions, interesting proposals or ideas, if you want to write about any mistakes you may find, or if you feel like some of the material infringes on someone’s rights, I can assure you that I have no idea what you’re talking about and I found it already in this condition, and, anyway, it’s much better. But seriously, if you feel abused by my abusage of your work, feel free to contact me at

Update: I replaced slightly irrelevant pictures, updated partly incorrect pronunciation, corrected somewhat erroneous definitions and added relatively significant changes to this page. Also, I updated the way the cards look, using the theme that one of the commenters suggested.

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