Dùng AI tạo thẻ Anki

Nay ngồi soạn thẻ Anki cho quyển “Word skills idioms and phrasal verbs” thì nổi hứng thử dùng AI tạo hộ, ai ngờ nó nhanh và hiệu quả không tưởng.

AI sử dụng:


I'll give you a list of phrases. For each phrase, you need to provide its meaning, its meaning in Vietnamese, an example, and a "cloze", containing the same example in which the given phrase is replaced by "[...]". Display all the information in the following format:

[Phrases] | [Meaning] | [Meaning in Vietnamese] | [Example] | [Cloze]

for example:

Lose face | to become less respected by others | mất mặt | She had to accept defeat without losing face | She had to accept defeat without [...]

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