Lifelong Learning – Advanced English Vocabulary

– 6706 advanced English words compiled from GRE and SAT word lists.

– 1373 Additional words I’ve come across when reading.

– Google dictionary definitions for each word.

– Google WaveNet audio for each word.

– Example sentences for the majority of words.

– Synonyms for the majority of words.

An example card :

As it’s such a large deck I don’t believe it’s worthwhile testing back and front as there will be too many viable synonyms. We want to learn the word not the card.

As such the default deck format will test in two ways:

1. Word > definition page

2. Word + example sentence > definition page

The SAT & GRE vocab is tagged if you want to study that alone.

You can read about the deck creation process here :


– Images? I’m manually adding images for a very small selection of words that I believe can be encapsulated within an image.

Pronunciation? The deck uses British pronunciation.

Bugs? The early deck generation code had 2 bugs.

Bug 1: Slightly messed up punctuation and removed capitalisation from a very small set of cards.

Bug 2: If a word had a certain combination of meanings my code would only use the last definition listed. This only affected a handful of cards. The bug has been fixed for updates going forward and I’m manually addressing any legacy errors as I come across them.

Donations? I’ve had lots of people message me on Reddit asking how to make a donation. I’ve now got a Ko-fi link to make this possible. If you’d like to support my work on this deck, click the link below. Thank you!

Copyright – As stated the definitions come from Google search and I believe come under the fair use policy. The audio was generated from Google WaveNet TTS and it’s my understanding I may use them as I see fit. Sentences from other sources have been attributed in the notes. Images all attributed in the notes. If I’m in error about my usage of any materials then please contact me regarding removal.

Updates : (Will show details of last 3 updates).

27/08/22 – 9 new words & a few fixes. I’m slowly working my way through the entire deck. I’ll hopefully have more time to focus on it in a few months.

03/12/22 – 26 new words. Big delay because I had to rework a bunch of my code due to breaking updates of libraries used. All sorted now and we’re back to the usual update schedule

16/02/23 – 26 new words. Added a few images and fixed a couple of self-referencing definitions.

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